Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So the reason I haven't updated in over a month is because I had been busy with my canvassing job. I intend to write about my experience working with ACT (although we saw just how my intention to write about the trip to Vegas panned out), but today I need to vent.

Just what the fuck is wrong with the people in this country? Bush actually WON this time. He's making noises about working with the Democrats, but he did so much of that in his first term, when he didn't win the popular vote that I'm sure he'll go out of his way to accommodate people who don't think exactly as he does this time around. (Of course, it would help if Congressional Democrats had at least a single vertebrae between them.)

Was it the bin Laden video? Do Bush & Co. have everybody so fucking scared that they don't realize that the video is an indication that we haven't caught him yet?

It looks like the pollsters were right to not consider young voters, who, despite massive get-out-the-vote-campaigns, didn't vote in any higher numbers than they have in the past. Morons.

My thoughts aren't coherent enough to go on, but I may post more later.