Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Didn't have time to update last weekend because Teena & I were busy with other projects: signing the lease on our new place, reserving the venue for our wedding next summer, watching Doctor Who episodes (courtesy of Michael). Also, I started the final quest in Kingdom of Loathing.

It was very tricky, and I would not have gotten to the Naughty Sorceress without Reza & Doug helping me out with some hints. And the Sorceress was tough. I didn't defeat her until last night. I haven't complete ascension yet, though. I have recently purchased a display case in the Cannon Museum, and I'm stocking it with one copy of each item I have in my inventory. I'll be donating all the rest of my stuff to my clan. I will do the hardcore ascension, so I don't want to be tempted to abandon that when things get tough. By getting rid of all my things, I'll force myself to stick it out.

But ascension is coming!

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