Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Recently I have realized that unless I win the lottery I will never have a home big enough to hold all the shelves I would need to put all my books on display. Which indicates that I should go through my library & pull out books I won't read again.* But what it really meant is that I started wanting some kind of collection management program so I could keep track of what I have.

Michal has pointed me to a web-based library organizer: Library Thing. I think it's going to be pretty close to ideal for my needs. Over the coming weeks & months, I'll be inputting my collection. (It's going to take a while, especially considering that a large percentage of my books are currently in storage.)

If you are signed up with Library Thing & want to see what books I've got, my user name there is PhilipF

*And in the near future I probably will cull a few things for sale at Powell's.


gl. said...

just in case people want a link to click:

-and- you don't have to be signed up with librarything to see your books. hooray!

Jennie said...

Philip - thanks for the link! I've been dreading the huge task of cataloging my collection and you've pointed me to something that should make it easier.

PS: Hope you're doing well -