Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Far Behind

Not much in the way of discussion. I've go a lot of books to get through.
  1. The Playwright by Daren White & Eddie Campbell.
  2. Godland, vol. 4: Amplified Now by Joe Casey & Tom Scioli. Kirby-esque madness. (Checked out of the library.)
  3. Usagi Yojimbo, vol. 24: Return of the Black Soul by Stan Sakai.

    So good. Best use of "funny animals" I've seen.
  4. Farscape: Scorpius, vol. 1: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Rockne S. O'Bannon, David Alan Mack, & Mike Ruiz.
  5. Godland, vol. 5: Far Beyond the Bang by Joe Casey & Tom Scioli. (Library.)
  6. Black Jack, vol. 11 by Osamu Tezuka.
  7. The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, vol. 11 by Eiji Otsuka & Hosui Yamazuki. (Library.)
  8. X-Men: S.W.O.R.D.: No Time to Breathe by Kieron Gillen & Steven Sanders.
  9. Achewood, vol 2: Worst Song, Played on Ugliest Guitar
  10. Phonogram, vol. 2: The Singles Club by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie. Very good, but I think Gillen needs work in toning down his insufferable music snob tendencies. On the other hand, this is a comic about people who use music to create magic, so where better to indulge those tendencies? (Library.)
  11. Capote in Kansas: A Drawn Novel by Ande Parks & Chris Samnee. A fictionalized account of Capote's experiences in researching In Cold Blood.
  12. The Titanic Awards: Celebrating the Worst of Travel by Doug Lansky. (Library.)
  13. Johnny Boo, vol. 4: The Mean Little Boy by James Kochalka. (Borrowed from Teena's classroom.)
  14. Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

    A collection of short stories. The first couple stories are pretty rough, but they are from early in Butcher's career. Can't wait for the next novel, due in spring.
  15. Savage Sword of Conan, vol. 3 by Roy Thomas, et al.
  16. Batman: King Tut's Tomb by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, & Jorge Luis Garcia Lopez. (Library.)
  17. Stephen King's N. by Marc Guggenheim & Alex Maleev. Adaptation of an extremely creepy short story. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  18. Hellboy: Masks and Monsters by Mike Mignola, James Robinson, et al.

    Hellboy team-ups with Batman, Starman, & a character from Dark Horse's attempt to create their own super-hero universe.
  19. Astro City: The Dark Age, Book 1: Brothers and Other Strangers by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson. Reread this because book two is finally out.
  20. Astro City: The Dark Age, Book 2: Brothers in Arms by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson. Astro City's longest & most ambitious story yet.
  21. Questionable Content, vol. 1 by Jeph Jacques. Collection of a great webcomic, even if it is about disaffected twenty-something hipsters. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  22. Rin-Ne, vol. 4 by Rumiko Takahashi. Yeah, it's the same formula as all of Takahashi's other comics, but it's still entertaining. (Library.)
  23. Excalibur Classic, vol. 1: The Sword Is Drawn by Chris Claremont & Alan Davis. Davis's art is wonderful (as always), and the writing is from before Claremont's tics completely took over his prose, so it is readable as well. (Library.)
  24. Excalibur Classic, vol. 2: Two-Edged Sword by Chris Claremont & Alan Davis. (Library.)
  25. DC Comics Presents: Chase by D. Curtis Johnson & J.H. Williams III. Four issues of a series I have heard good things about but never read before now. It is good, and I wish there were going to be more collections, but it seems unlikely.
  26. Wonder Woman: Contagion by Gail Simone, Nicola Scott, et al. Simone's final issues of Wonder Woman.
  27. Rasl, vol. 2: The Fires of St. George by Jeff Smith. Lots of info on nerds' favorite mad scientist: Nicola Tesla. (Library.)
  28. Secret Six: Danse Macabre by Gail Simone, John Ostrander, Jim Calafiore, & Dustin Nguyen. Would love to see Ostrander get more comics to write.
  29. I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett.

    The final Tiffany Aching volume. Still great. I keep expecting each new Pratchett book to be his last, given that he has early-onset Alzheimer's. But he still keeps writing excellent humor novels that say something serious about people.
  30. Fallen Angel Omnibus, vol. 0 by Peter David & David Lopez. Collection of the entire first Fallen Angel series, which is nice, since DC never got around to collecting the final eight issues.
  31. Li'l Abner, vol. 26: Dailies 1960 by Al Capp. It had been so long since I had read any Li'l Abner strips that I had forgotten how funny they are. Since the Kitchen Sink reprints I had have been water damaged (and are long out of print), I may start picking up the IDW reprints (which have the advantage of containing the Sunday strips, not just the dailies).

And that brings me up to date. Movies can wait for next time.

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