Saturday, July 14, 2012

Updating again

  1. The Punisher by Greg Rucka, vol. 1 by Greg Rucka & Marco Checchetto.

    (Checked out of the library.)
  2. Roadwaysby Jeff Lang & Ted Slampyak.

    Print on demand collection of a fun comic series that ran for a short time in the 90s. Only available through Amazon.
  3. Crogan's Loyalty by Chris Schweizer.

    New volume in this wonderful series about history and family. I got the first two volumes from the library. Someday when I have some disposable income again, I need to buy copies of them.
  4. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, pt. 3: 2009 by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill.

    I like this one better than part 2, but still a little too dark for my tastes.
  5. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

    Teena warned me that this one feels a lot like a repeat of the first volume, and I see why. Still, I quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to the third book. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, vol. 8: Last Gleaming by Joss Whedon, Scott Allie & Georges Jeanty.

    I stuck it out through all of "Season 8", but I wasn't all that impressed. I'm not going to bother with "Season 9".
  7. Oil and Water by Steve Duin & Shannon Wheeler.

    A writer for The Oregonian and a cartoonist went to Louisiana after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. This book is the product of their experience. (Library.)
  8. Batman: Gates of Gotham by Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins & Trevor McCarthy.

    (Checked out of the library.)
  9. Archie: A Celebration of America's Favorite Teenagers by Craig Yoe.

    A look at the history of the Archie characters and the publishing company.
  10. Morning Glories, vol. 3: P.E. by Nick Spencer & Joe Eisma.

    I really like this series, and while there are plenty of mysteries, I feel confident Spencer knows what's going on and all will be revealed. I just wish it were published more frequently so I could see the answers.
  11. All Saints Day: An Amy Devlin Mystery by Christina Weir, Nunzio Defilippis & Dave McHargue.

    I need to remember how much I enjoy the things Weir & Defilippis write.
  12. Daredevil by Mark Waid, vol. 1 by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera & Marcos Martin.

    Everything people have been saying about this series is true. It's lots of fun, which is a welcome change to Daredevil. He has been grim ever since Frank Miller's run in the 80s. A light-hearted touch is a welcome change. Also, it's nice that Marvel is acknowledging creators in their book titles now, it'd be even better if they acknowledged more than just the writer. (Library.)
  13. Dungeons & Dragons, vol. 2: First Encounters by John Rogers, Andrea DiVito, et al.

    I really like the fact that the collection is designed to look like a D&D source book, but that wouldn't matter if the comics inside weren't enjoyable. Fortunately, these are.
  14. Red Lanterns, vol. 1: Blood and Rage by Peter Milligan & Ed Benes.

    As I mention nearly every time I read something by him, Milligan can be hit or miss for me. This is somewhere in the middle. I didn't dislike it, but I am glad I didn't buy it. (Library.)
  15. Cinderella: Fables Are Forever by Chris Roberson & Shawn McManus.

    Spy story starring Cinderella. Fun.
  16. Tales of the Beanworld, vol. 3.5 by Larry Marder.

    Collection of odds & ends, stitched together to make a (slightly awkward) story. Also, color! (Borrowed from Teena.)

Not completely caught up yet, but I need a break from sitting at the computer. More soon.

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