Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Long weekend (didn't come into the PSU library for computer access on Friday, and MLK day yesterday), but time for the final catch-up post:

Movies watched
  • Tampopo watched this with Teena at Pix Patisserie. Rather strange but good (other than one scene involving a turtle).
  • The Return of the King again, this time with my mother & aunt
  • Zelig (checked out of the library)
  • Madadayo, Akira Kurosawa's final film. Excellent. (library)
  • The Ring Watching this again, I have realized that it differs from the original Japanese film (Ringu) more than I thought at first, still pretty close, though. (library)
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Crawling Hand I didn't think I'd seen this one before, since it's from the first season (Tom Servo has a different voice, & Dr. Forrester has a different assistant), but it seemed very familiar, and at the end, there is an unforgettable image that made me positive I must have seen it some Thanksgiving as part of "Turkey Day."
  • MST3K: Shorts (borrowed from Teena)
  • MST3K: Last of the Wild Horses (Teena)
  • MST3K: Eegah (Teena)
  • MST3K: The Brain that Wouldn't Die (Teena)
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic, the Ultimate Video Collection
  • Princess Mononoke watched with Teena at Pix Patisserie
  • Indie DVD Fusion 1, this is a collection of short, independent films; it appears to be the first of a series. Nothing great, but there were a couple that were interesting. (library)
  • Wonder Boys, and adaptation of the Michael Chabon novel. I started reading the book at the end of last year, but just didn't feel like it at the time & didn't get very far at all. I really liked the movie and will be trying the book again at some point. (library)
  • Moulin Rouge watched at Teena's place. People have 2 reactions to this film. Either they love it or they hate it. Fortunately, Teena's one of the former.
  • Meet John Doe (library)
  • Intolerable Cruelty
  • Big Fish Amazing, a Tim Burton film with more substance than style. Teena liked it too.
  • MST3K: Being from Another Planet (borrowed from Teena)
  • Also, I watched the entire Firefly series. Damn Fox for cancelling such an excellent show.
  • And Teena & I went over to Harmony & Topher's place, where we all watched the first 1/3 of the 2nd season of Sports Night, another show cancelled much too soon.

And now for the books I've read since I last updated:
  • Starman: The Stars My Desination by James Robinson et al. I really enjoyed Robinson's Starman series, and I'm very glad that DC seems committed to reprinting the entire thing in book form.
  • Global Frequency: Planet Ablaze by Warren Ellis et al. Ellis really seems to like the concept of an organization of people that handles unusual threats. It shows up here as well as in Stormwatch/Authority and Planetary, but still, he handles it well.
  • JSA: Stealing Thunder by Geoff Johns, David Goyer, et al. (library)
  • When I'm Old & other stories by Gabrielle Bell (library)
  • Judgement Day by Alan Moore, Rob Liefeld, et al. Much as I love Moore's writing, I have difficulty recommending this, because Liefeld's art is so terrible. But there are segments by good artists, most notably Gil Kane & Rick Veitch.
  • The Authority, bk. 2: Under New Management by Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, et al.

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