Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Today, it's the rest of the books I read in 2003. (Still no Amazon links.)
  • Munchkin Master's Screen This is a parody of a role-playing game item. Very funny.
  • Icaro, v.1 by Moebius and Jiro Taniguchi
  • Spark Generators II by various. Cartoonists tell about their influences.
  • BOP! (More Box Office Poison) by Alex Robinson
  • Autobiographix by various. Autobiographical comics.
  • Stray Toasters by Bill Sienkiewicz. This didn't seem quite as strange as it did when it first came out in the 80's. Still pretty strange, though.
  • In Nomine: Revelations I: Night Music by Derek Pearcy et al. A role playing book; I'm considering running an In Nomine game for some of my friends, and this helped me clarify some of the ideas I have for it.
  • Swashbuckling Adventures: Heroes, Villains, and Monsters More role playing stuff. Way too many monsters for what's supposed to be a swashbuckling game.
  • The Ring, v.1 Manga version of the story told in the Japanese movie Ringu and the American movie The Ring (and a Japanese novel).
  • Superman & Batman: Generations II by John Byrne
  • Transmetropolitan, v.9: The Cure by Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson
  • Phoenix: A Tale of the Future by Osamu Tezuka
  • Dicks by Garth Ennis & John McCrea

In 2003, I finished 400 books. Of course, the vast majority of them were graphic novels, but still...

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