Saturday, July 09, 2005

I'm adding a new feature to my weblog, one I'm stealing from other comics bloggers: a list of items from the latest Previews that I want but will not be ordering. No real reason for this other than to remind myself of how much I can't afford. It'll be almost entirely graphic novels because I don't pay much attention to other areas of the catalog, and I keep moving away from buying individual issues.

  • Cravan by Mike Richardson & Rick Geary. I love Rick Geary's art; that's the only reason I want this.
  • You Deserved It by Bob Fingerman. I really enjoyed Fingerman's Beg the Question.
  • Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood by various. If DC stopped doing Bat cross-overs & allowed the writer for each title to create their own stories, I'd be more inclined to buy the collections. Bill Willingham, the writer for "Robin", is somebody whose work I enjoy, but I don't care about Andersen Gabrych, the writer for "Batgirl", at all. So I'm not buying this. I'll probably check it out of the library, though.
  • Superman: Secret Itentity by Kurt Busiek & Stuart Immonen. This is strictly a budgetary decision.
  • JLA: Syndicate Rules by Kurt Busiek, Ron Garney & Dan Green. For some reason, I really want the Superman book by Busiek, but this JLA collection doesn't seem all that interesting. I'd still like a copy, though.
  • Showcase Presents Superman, vol. 1 by various.
  • Showcase Presents Green Lantern, vol. 1 by various. Not getting these two books really hurts. Cheap reprints of Silver Age DC comics, what's not to love? (Other than the fact that they're in black & white, but that's why they're cheap.) I love the idea behind Marvel's Essentials line, and this is more of the same. I just hope I'll be able to pick these up later.
  • Wonder Woman, vol 3: Beauty & the Beasts by George Perez et al. This is another book I hope to acquire later. Perez's run on WW was good stuff.
  • ABC: A-Z - Tom Strong & Jack B. Quick by Peter Hogan, Keven Nowlan & Chris Sprouse. If Alan Moore were writing this guide to the characters from America's Best Comics, I'd be buying it. As it is, I may not even pick up the collection.
  • Blood Mary by Garth Ennis & Carlos Ezquerra. Ennis tends to be hit & miss for me. If this had been solicited in a month when there were fewer things I wanted, I probably would have ordered this. (The same could be said for everything on this list.)
  • Hellblazer: Black Flowers by Mike Carey et al.
  • Hellblazer: Red Sepulchre by Mike Carey, Steve Dillon & Marcelo Frusin. Carey's "Sandman" spin off*, "Lucifer," never really worked for me. But I rather like his work on "Hellblazer." (I still dropped the monthly a while back when I was still unemployed, but I had been enjoying it.)
  • The Quitter by Harvey Pekar & Dean Haspiel. Much as I loved the movie version of American Splendor, Pekar's comics don't always work for me. If this were cheaper, I'd pick it up, but $20 seems like a lot.
  • Ring of Roses by Dan Petrou & John Watkiss.
  • Saint Germaine: Shadows Fall by Gary Reed et al.
  • Small Press Expo 2005 Anthology by various. I feel guilty about not getting this, since proceeds benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and it's been too long since I contributed to them.
  • The X-Files, vol. 3 by Rozum, Purchell & Van Fleet. These comics were initially published back before the TV show jumped the shark.
  • The Complete Peanuts, vol 4: 1954-58 by Charles Schultz. I would dearly love to be getting this series. I need to win the lottery or something.
  • Mad Night feturing Judy Drood, Girl Detective by Richard Sala. Sala's wonderfully creepy art suits my sense of the macabre well, just not enough to spend $19 on this.
  • Acme Novelty Library by Chris Ware. Ware has a marvelous sense of design, and his books always look gorgeous. I just find the despair depicted in them rather hard to take.
  • The Punisher Max, vol. 1 by Garth Ennis, Lewis Larosa & Leandro Fernandez. It seems like when "The Punisher" became a mature readers only title Ennis forgot the absurdity of the character & started treating him seriously.

*Does anybody working on that comic remember that "Sandman" was set in the standard DC universe?

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