Sunday, July 10, 2005

Still not quite ready to list the books I've read in the last month so instead here are

Movies & DVDs

  • Being John Malkovich. Teena & I saw this at Pix. It's amazing how awful John Cusak & Cameron Diaz look in this movie.
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast, vol. 3. What a wonderfully strange & stupid show.
  • Howl's Moving Castle. Teena & I went to see this with a couple other friends, Harmony & Toph (they're the couple who introduced us). I had considered rereading the book before seeing the movie, but decided against it. It had been so long since I had read the book that I couldn't remember more than a few details. If I had reread it before seeing the movie, I would have spent a lot of time comparing the two. And that would have meant less time to enjoy the movie. It's absolutely beautiful (no suprize there, as it's a Miyazaki film) and very touching. Highly recommended.
  • Batman Begins. Saw this with Teena. I quite enjoyed it. It certainly does a great job of re-introducing the character (and removing the bad taste left in the mouth by the last Batman movie {not that I ever saw that monstrosity}). I like the way they handled Ra's al Ghul & the Scarecrow. One problem though; whenever Katie Holmes was on the screen, I kept thinking about Tom Cruise & his antics lately. We saw it a second time with Harmony & Toph, and I was able to actually pay attention to Holmes's performance that time around (at least until that one scene {if you've seen the movie, you know which one I mean; I'm sure assistant DAs in Gotham City don't get paid all that much, but you'd think she'd at least be able to afford a coat}).
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Light & frothy fun, with two very pretty leads & lots of explosions. What's not to like? Teena & I certainly enjoyed it.

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