Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I can perform weddings!

Yesterday I visited the Universal Life Church website & filled out their online ordination form. Today I received the confirmation e-mail that I an now ordained. Of course, that email is all I have to prove that I can perform weddings. At some point I will probably pay the $5 for an ordination credential.

edited to add the link


gl. said...

wow! congratulations! what brought this on? :D

Philip said...

Teena & I want the woman who introduced us to perform the ceremony. (That seems much more appropriate than some justice of the peace who has never met us.) So I was testing things out to see what kind of response time an online ordination site has.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you crazy kids!

After she's ordained by the Church, do be sure to have her registered with the county, too, ($60, I think) or you might find that your marriage is not, strictly speaking, legal... On the upside, you get two anniversaries! slam