Sunday, August 12, 2007


Earlier this evening, I made it through the Cave of Ordeals in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princes. Let me tell you, that's a challenge: 50 levels of progressively harder opponents, with no chance to restock the supplies you use. I'm nearly done with the game now. Unless I decide to go after the last few Poes, all I've got left is the final dungeon.

On to books:

  1. Knights of the Dinner Table: Bundle of Trouble, vol. 19 by Jolly Blackburn. Gaming comics.
  2. The Tourist by Brian Wood & Toby Cypress. I've enjoyed the other things by Wood that I have read, but this didn't do anything for me.
  3. X-Factor, vol. 2: Life & Death Matters by Peter David, et al.
  4. Ode to Kirihito by Osamu Tezuka. I'm not sure where to begin in describing this massive hunk of manga. Over 800 pages long, it's the story of a doctor searching for the source of a disease that turns its victims into dog-like people. Strange, but excellent work.
  5. Monster, vol. 8: My Nameless Hero by Naoki Urasawa. (Checked out of the library.)
  6. Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer by Michael Moorcock & Walter Simonson. Moorcock's Elric stories aren't my favorites among his work, but I loved this graphic novel. A large part of that has to be Simonson's artwork, which I've adored for years, but the story worked for me too.
  7. Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom by Peter David, Luke Lieberman, & Will Conrad. Meh. (Library.)
  8. Usagi Yojimbo, vol. 21: The Mother of Mountains by Stan Sakai. Sakai knows how to construct an adventure story. This one has intrigue, family rivalry, explosions, death, daring escapes, and great sword fights. Wonderful stuff.
  9. Civil War: A Marvel Comics Event by Mark Millar & Steve McNiven. There were some interesting ideas here, but the execution sucked. I am very glad I didn't spend any money on this. (Library.)
  10. The Goon, vol. 2: My Murderous Childhood (and Other Grievous Yarns) by Eric Powell. After reading Civil War, I needed something light & fun to wash the taste out of my mouth. This fit the bill nicely. The humor may be crude, but it's undeniably funny.
  11. Yotsuba&!, vol. 1 by Kiyohiko Azuma. Extremely cute manga about a young, incredibly enthusiastic girl. (Library.)
  12. The Complete Annotated Oz Squad, vol. 1 by Steve Ahlquist, Andrew Murphy, Mike Sagura, et al. During the 90s, there were several Oz-themed comic books. This is the only one of them that was at all good. The others were intent on making the characters "serious" and "dark". While this one can be quite violent, but it doesn't seem to violate the spirit of Baum's work the way the others did. I am very glad I stumbled across the listing for this book at the Print On Demand site I hope volume two will soon be forthcoming.
  13. Night of the Crash-Test Dummies by Gary Larson. I recently unearthed some old Far Side collections, and they'll probably be showing up here in the near future.

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