Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stumptown Weekend

Teena & I went to the 7th Annual Stumptown Comics Fest yesterday. She has written a report on our experience. I found it lots of fun (as always) and am looking forward to next year.

  1. Prime Baby by Gene Luan Yang. Cute little book about sibling rivalry.
  2. Wonder Woman: Rise of the Olympian by Gail Simone, Aaron Lopresti, & Bernard Chang. I enjoyed the individual issues of this, but they do read better all at once.
  3. Bob Dylan Revisited by various. Comic adaptations of Dylan songs. (Borrowed from the library.)
  4. West Coast Blues by Patrick Manchette, adapted by Jacques Tardi. Adaptation of a French noir novel. (Library.)
  5. My Life as a Cartoonist by Harvey Kurtzman, with Howard Zimmerman. Aimed at kids, but still interesting.
  6. Mysterius the Unfathomable by Jeff Parker & Tom Fowler. Great story about a magician who is a complete jerk. Lots of fun.
  7. Hardware: The Man in the Machine by Dwayne McDuffie & Denys Cowan. I really wish DC would put out more collections of Milestone comics. But given the way they've been treating McDuffie in the past couple of years, it seems unlikely.
  8. Swamp Thing, vol. 9: Infernal Machines by Rick Veitch, et al. It's a shame that Veitch's time-travel storyline (which came after the comics collected here) was never completed, because I would love to see it in book form.
  9. The Unwritten, vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity by Mike Carey & Peter Gross. This is a great comic about fiction and how stories affect the world. I look forward to each issue, and can't wait for further collections.
  10. Black Jack, vol. 10 by Osamu Tezuka. Still enjoying this.
  11. Captain America: Road to Reborn by Ed Brubaker, et al. Building the storyline up to the return of Steve Rogers.
  12. Welcome to Tranquility, vol. 1 by Gail Simone & Neil Googe. I checked this out from the library a while ago and really enjoyed it. Glad to have my own copy now.

A couple of movies since last week:
  • The Best of the Kids in the Hall, vol. 2.
  • Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Before you judge me, we watched this with the RiffTrax commentary. Very funny. I especially like how they heaped abuse on Jar Jar just about every time he opened his mouth.

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