Sunday, May 09, 2010

Another Light Week

  1. Mathemagick and Mystiphysics, vol. 1: The Probabilities of Pandemonium by James Davide & Jesse Davide. Another book I picked up at Stumptown. Seven mathematicians throughout time band together to fight threats such as the disappearance of the vanishing point. Great idea, but I would have liked more actual math in the comic (I'm weird, I know). And, given that the only one of the mathematicians I had previous heard of was Alan Turing, I would have liked more information about the characters. Still, this was fun.
  2. Forsake the Sky by Tim Powers. This was better than I expected for being such an early work. Which seems to be damning with faint praise, but I really did enjoy this. Very different from most of Powers' other work, especially being set on a different planet.
  3. Ultimate Annuals, vol. 1 by various. A collection of annuals from Marvel's Ultimate comics line. (Checked out of the library.)
  4. Essential Thor, vol. 2 by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. This was a blast. Lots of fun. So many foundations of the Marvel Universe. I had not realized that Ego the Living Planet & the High Evolutionary were introduced within a couple of issues of each other. Fun, fun stuff.

You may have noticed the return of links. I have not gone back to Amazon's affiliates program. But Powell's Books also has an affiliates program, and I have signed up with them. So if you feel like buying anything you see me writing about, please follow the links. I'll get a small cut. Also, Powell's has free shipping on orders over $25.

Just one movie this week:
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Final Sacrifice. Canadian film about an evil cult and a lost civilization. Not as dire as Teena and I remembered. But still an awful movie.

On the video game front, I played through PixelJunk Shooter, a fun little shoot-em-up game that we downloaded for the PS3. Well worth the $10. And I am currently replaying Super Mario Sunshine, which I always enjoy. It is getting me excited about the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 later this month.


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