Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm Radioactive!

I'm not at work today so I can have my parathyroid glands scanned, a process that involves radioactive iodine.

Here are the books I finished reading last week:
  1. The Wonder Woman Chronicles, vol. 1 by William Moulton Marston & Harry G. Peter. It's about time DC finally got around to presenting Golden Age Wonder Woman stories in an affordable format. I've heard about these stories for years, but apart from a page here & there in books about the history of comics, the only way to see the stories was to buy Archive editions at $50 a pop. But now there is an affordable way to read Wonder Woman as she was originally conceived. The bondage theme isn't fully developed yet, but I'm sure it will turn up soon enough in further volumes.
  2. 100% by Paul Pope. Romance comics disguised by a near-future science fiction setting. Great stuff. (Checked out of the library.)
  3. Welcome to Tranquility, vol. 2 by Gail Simone, Neil Googe, et al. When I first read this, I didn't care for it quite as much as the first volume. But I have come around & realized how good it is. Can't wait for the new "Welcome to Tranquility" series that's coming.
  4. Wolverine: The Death of Wolverine by Marc Guggenheim & Howard Chaykin. If only the title were accurate. (Library.)
  5. Greek Street, vol. 1: Blood Calls for Blood by Peter Milligan & Davide Gianfelice. Greek myths reinterpreted as a crime story set in contemporary London (with some supernatural elements). Looking forward to further collections.
  6. Sorcery 101, vol. 1 by Kel McDonald. This is one of the books that I picked up at Stumptown. It's a collection of a webcomic about a guy learning sorcery from a vampire. Well-done, but not really my cup of tea. Also, it stretches my suspension of disbelief too much to have a world where the supernatural is common but looks otherwise looks almost exactly like the real world.
  7. Lotus Root Children by Wei Li. Teena picked this up at Stumptown and was very moved by it. (Here is the blog post in which she discusses it.) It is a story about Chinese children who have been stolen from their families and a woman whose job it is to brainwash the children into forgetting their original families. Very well done.
  8. Final Crisis by Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones, & Dough Mahnke. The people who say this comic is incomprehensible are wrong. If you are familiar with DC characters (and why would you be reading a cross-over event if you weren't?), and if you pay attention, this makes sense.
  9. Do Anything: Thoughts on Comics and Thing, vol. 1: Jack Kirby Ripped My Flesh by Warren Ellis. Short collection of online essays about comics and things.
  10. Instructions by Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess. Beautifully illustrated version of Gaiman's poem about what to do if you find yourself in a fairy tale. (Borrowed from Teena.)

Just one movie this week:
  • The Thing. Great horror movie, although Teena (who had never seen it before) pointed out that when the Thing is not impersonating a person, it doesn't act very intelligently.

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