Monday, May 30, 2011

A Few Books

  1. Hitman vol. 3: Local Heroes by Garth Ennis & John McCrea. Somehow I missed this volume when DC first collected this series.
  2. 20th Century Boys, vol. 14: A Boy and a Dream by Naoki Urasawa.

    I had been considering no longer buying the volumes in this series and just completing it by checking them out of the library, but this volume changed my mind. The twists in this volume were interesting enough to recapture my enthusiasm for the series.
  3. Hitman vol. 4: Ace of Killers by Garth Ennis & John McCrea. This is as far as I got before. Volume 5 is coming in a few months. Looking forward to it.
  4. Bayou, vol. 1 by Jeremy Love. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  5. Bayou, vol. 2 by Jeremy Love.

    More of this fantasy version of the South in the 30s. The story isn't done yet, so I hope it continues in at least one more volume. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  6. Untold Tales of the New Universe by various. New stories set in Marvel's 80s attempt to create a new line of comics.
  7. Starman Omnibus, vol. 6 by James Robinson, Peter Snejbjerg, et al. The final volume of this series collecting one of the best super-hero comics of the 90s. Beautiful presentation, and it is so nice to see a complete collection, including side-stories and an associated mini-series. I'd like to see other worthy series get similar treatment.
  8. Empire State: A Love Story (or Not) by Jason Shiga. This is a well-done graphic novel by someone with an impressive command of the medium. I just didn't like the story. The main character is too passive and doesn't seem to change. I wish I could recommend this, but I can't.
  9. Superman Vs. Lex Luthor by various. Stories featuring Superman's arch-enemy, starting with his very first appearance.

Just one movie this week:
  • Notting Hill. Great romantic comedy.

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