Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quite a Backlog

  1. Stephen King's The Stand: No Man's Land by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Mike Perkins.

    Continuing the adaptation of the novel. Just one volume to go, I think. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  2. Conan, vol. 9: Free Companions by Timothy Truman, Tomas Giorello, et al. (Checked out of the library.)
  3. Conan, vol. 10: Iron Shadows in the Moon and Other Stories by Timothy Truman, Tomas Giorello, et al. I have been reading a fair number of Conan comics lately. (Library.)
  4. Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave by Gail Simone & Horacio Domingues. I hope we get a chance to see more Welcome to Tranquility stories now that DC is folding the WildStorm universe into the main DC Universe.
  5. Children at Play: A Cul de Sac Collection by Richard Thompson.

    I've really been enjoying this comic strip and need to look for any further collections.
  6. Avengers - West Coast Avengers: Family Ties by Steve Englehart, Al Migrom, et al. If Marvel had published an Essential West Coast Avengers book, I'd have been all over that, but instead by putting out an overpriced hardcover, I gave it a pass until I could get it from the library. Fun, but the writing is extremely clunky in places. (Library.)
  7. Shadowland: Thunderbolts by Jeff Parker, Kev Walker & Declan Shalvey. It's so great when a writer does a good job of tying an ongoing series into the latest cross-over, as Parker does here. I'd prefer fewer cross-overs, but they sell, so we will keep seeing them. (Library.)
  8. Wolverine and Jubilee: Curse of the Mutants by Kathryn Immonen & Phil Noto. Immonen's writing is growing on me. (Library.)
  9. Ruse, vol. 1: Enter the Detective by Mark Waid & Butch Guice. Found a used copy of this old CrossGen collection and decided to pick it up. I always enjoy a good Sherlock Holmes pastiche.
  10. The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham. I've been thinking about reading this ever since I started reading FreakAngels (which was inspired by this), but kept putting it off until I discovered that Teena had a copy. I may need to check out the film version (Village of the Damned) next. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  11. Star Trek: Crew by John Byrne. Exploring the early career of Majel Barrett's pre-Nurse Chapel character. (Library.)
  12. The Sixth Gun, vol. 1: Cold, Dead Fingers by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt.

    I enjoyed this horror-western so much when I got it from the library I had to pick up a copy of my own.
  13. DC Comics Presents: Teen Titans by Mike Allred, et al.
  14. The Sixth Gun, vol. 2: Crossroads by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

    Still loving this. I have realized in recent years that I quite enjoy westerns. And if they have fantastic elements, so much the better.
  15. The Tooth by Cullen Bunn, Shawn Lee, and Matt Kindt. This is designed to look a lot like a Marvel monster comic from the 70s. (Library.)
  16. Yeah! by Peter Bagge & Gilbert Hernandez. Fun, all-ages comic about a girl band who is famous all across the galaxy, but not on their home planet of Earth. (Library.)
  17. Locke & Key, vol. 4: Keys to the Kingdom by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez. While I am still enjoying it, I really wish the protagonists could catch a break. The antagonist always seems two or three steps ahead of them. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  18. Penny Arcade, vol. 7: Be Good, Little Puppy by Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik. All of the Penny Arcade strips from 2006. I started reading the site regularly sometime around then, so I actually remembered some of these. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  19. Bat Lash: Guns and Roses by Sergio Aragones, Peter Brandvold, and John Severin. Straight western here. I love Severin's art. It really grabs me, and is perfectly suited to cowboy stories.
  20. DC Comics Presents: Shazam! #1 by Jerry Ordway & Peter Krause. I'm not sure how DC picks which comics get reprinted in these inexpensive collections, but there are some good choices.
  21. DC Comics Presents: Shazam! #2 by Jerry Ordway. Fun stuff.
  22. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust, vol. 1 by Chris Roberson & Robert Adler. Authorized prequel to Dick's novel. (Library.)
  23. Counter X, vol. 3: X-Man by Warren Ellis, Steven Grant & Ariel Olivetti. Found a cheap copy of this, so I picked it up. Enjoyed this quite a bit more than the other Counter X collections.
  24. Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Manga: Boukenshin, vol. 1 by various. Boy, that's a lot of colons in the title. STTNG comics featuring manga-influenced art. One story is written by David Gerrold and another is by Diane Duane
  25. John Byrne's Next Men, vol. 1: Scattered. Byrne returns to his creator-owned characters after 15 years. This feels pretty self-indulgent, even by Byrne's recent standards. (And that's saying something.) Glad I didn't pay for this. (Library.)
  26. Order of the Stick: Snips, Snails and Dragon Tales by Rich Burlew. Odds and ends that don't fit in with the larger Order of the Stick storyline.
  27. Stop and Smell the Roses: A Mutts Treasury by Patrick McDonnell.

    The best word I have found to describe this comic strip is sweet. It's very gentle. Not necessarily funny everyday, but always beautiful art.
  28. Girl Genius, vol. 10: Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse by Phil and Kaja Foglio. I read the webcomic faithfully, but the collections help show that the storyline isn't as bogged down in minutiae as it sometimes appears reading only 3 pages a week. And as always, the art is fantastic.

There have been several movies in the past couple of weeks, but I just got through a bunch of books, so they can wait until next week.

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Mitchell Craig said...

I discovered the first Girl Genius collection at the library a couple of weeks ago, and then I started reading the online comic. Right now I'm on Volume 10. It's great stuff.