Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Entry of 2011

I'll post tomorrow with a description of our trip to Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland, but today is the last of the books I finished in 2011.
  1. The Royal Historian of Oz by Tommy Kovac & Andy Hirsch.

    After a rough start, this settles down into a very Ozzy book that I quite enjoyed. Glad I stuck with it.
  2. 5 Ronin by Peter Milligan, et al. Five superheroes re-imagined as ronin. The feudal Japanese setting works for me, but I can see how it wouldn't for everyone. Still, I liked this quite a bit.
  3. DC Comics Presents: The Life Story of the Flash by Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, Gil Kane, Joe Staton & Tom Palmer. A biography of the Barry Allen Flash, from a time when it was thought he would stay dead. This is very good. I never bought it before because I thought it was overpriced. So a reprint in the cheap DC Comics Presents format was welcome.
  4. Gladstone's School for World Conquerors by Mark Andrew Smith & Armando Villavert. First book about young super-villains that I recall reading. Fun stuff.
  5. Captain America: Forever Allies by Roger Stern, Nick Dragotta, Marco Santucci, et al. Marvel has put out a lot of Captain America stuff in the past year or two (thanks, Hollywood), and I've been picking up the stuff I think I'd like. So far so good.
  6. Essential Spider Man, vol. 8 by Len Wein, Ross Andru, et al. These comics from the 70s hold up very well.
  7. Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham by Steve Skeates, Mark Armstrong, et al. Funny-animal comics from 80s Marvel. Not bad, but overpriced. I'm glad I got this on sale.
  8. DC Comics Presents: Captain Atom by James Robinson, Greg Rucka & Cafu. Back-up comics from Action a year or two ago.
  9. Milk and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad by Evan Dorkin.

    This may be a one-joke strip, but given that each story is only 1-8 pages long, this makes great bathroom reading.
  10. Mutts, vol. 10: Who Let the Cat Out? by Patrick McDonnell.

    Love this comic strip. Not necessarily funny, but always gentle.

I'll save movies for tomorrow.

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