Sunday, September 09, 2007

Light Week

  1. True Story Swear to God, vol. 1 by Tom Beland. This is actually the third collection of this series, but it recently changed publishers, and this is the first volume from the new publisher. Which is fine, but there are 5 or 6 of the self-published issues that have not been collected, and I have seen no sign that they will be collected. Which is a shame, because this autobiographical series is fantastic.
  2. It Came from the Far Side by Gary Larson.
  3. Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagolyan, Aaron Lopresti, et al. I'd heard good things about the issues collected here. And I have to admit, it sounded like a good storyline: Transported to another world, the Hulk becomes a gladiator & ends up leading a slave rebellion. But this collection costs $40, and my budget can't accommodate a book that expensive if I'm not sure about it. I did enjoy this quite a bit, and I'll consider picking it up in paperback at some point. (Checked out of the library.)
  4. The Far Side by Gary Larson. The first Far Side collection. I was surprised to discover that one of my favorites was one of the very first Far Side cartoons: A line of damned souls are walking through a corridor in Hell as a devil looks on. Beside the devil is a sign that reads "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."
  5. Red Prophet: The Tales of Alvin Maker, vol. 1 by Orson Scott Card, Roland Bernard Brown, Renato Arlem & Miguel Montenegro. I don't want to give money to Card, because he is a homophobe, but he's a damn good writer. I compromise by checking his books out of the library. (Library.)
  6. Beyond the Far Side by Gary Larson.
  7. Hellboy Animated, vol. 2: The Judgment Bell by Jim Pasco, Rick Lacy, & Tad Stones. Not as good as the stuff from Mignola, but entertaining enough.
  8. Checkmate, vol. 2: Pawn Breaks by Greg Rucka, Jesus Saiz, et al. An interesting mixture of spies & super-heroes.
  9. Spider-Man Family, vol. 1: Back in Black by various.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tom Beland here.

Thanks for the very kind words... and just to let you know, Image is working on a TSSTG Omnibus that will collect all 17 issues of my self-published run. Should be available in early 08... could be a fantastic Valentine's Day gift!

Philip said...

Wow. I expect my readership to consist, at best, of a handful of friends. I never expected to get a response from the creator of one of the comics I read.

That's very cool news about the omnibus. I have managed to track down most of the uncollected issues, but I always prefer to have collections over individual issues, so I'll be sure to pick that up.

Thanks for creating such a great comic.