Monday, September 22, 2008

Democratic Process

Up until this year, I have always been registered as an independent, even though I vote Democratic. (I'm more liberal than they are, but candidates who reflect my positions aren't going to get elected.) When the Washington State caucus came around, I decided that turn-out would be important & changed my registration.

And when the primary election came around, I got an email saying that nobody had filed for the position of Democratic precinct committee officer, and people who wanted the position should write their names in & ask their friends to do the same. So I wrote my name down & asked Teena to do the same. I have no real experience, but I figured, if I won it with two votes, the party needs all the help it can get.

I just got a phone message saying that the person who got more votes than me (apparently he got 3) doesn't feel he can do the job. So I need to call them back & figure out if it's something I can do.

Holy crap.

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gl. said...

holy crap! well, i certainly have faith in your conscientiousness and good faith, so i'm sure you'll make a great precinct officer, whatever that entails. :)