Sunday, September 07, 2008

You didn't think I'd actually post last Monday, did you?

Yeah, I'm lazy. And since it's late I'm just going to post about books rather than cover movies or video games.

  1. Journey, The Adventures of Wolverine MacAlistaire, vol. 1 by William Messner-Loebs. One of the great comics of the 80's is back finally back in print. Set in 1810 or thenabouts, this is the story of a frontiersman in the Northwest Territories. Adventure, frontier life, & the occasional fantastic element. Great stuff, with humor & wit. I especially like Jemmy Acorn.
  2. Skyscrapers of the Midwest by Joshua Cotter. This is well done, but I'm just not the audience for this comic, which has a young person's cynicism that's best summed up as "Life sucks. Ha ha, just kidding. No, seriously, it sucks." (Checked out of the library.)
  3. John Constantine, Hellblazer: The Fear Machine by Jaime Delano, et al. DC/Vertigo is finally collecting more of Delano's run on this title. It's not quite as good as I remember it being, but I think part of that is due to some atrocious coloring. Seriously, the color art is often just plain ugly.
  4. Dave Stewart's Walk In by Jeff Parker & Ashish Padlekar. I don't know how much Stewart (of the Eurythmics) actually contributed to this, but I've enjoyed Parker's other comics, and this didn't disappoint. Not great, but entertaining enough.
  5. Marvel Adventures Iron Man, vol. 3: Hero by Design by Fred Van Lente, Graham Nolan, & Scott Koblish. I say this a lot about the Marvel Adventures books, but these are seriously some fun comics. These are the kinds of superhero comics that I remember reading when I was a kid, the kind that got me hooked on comics. Optimistic, entertaining, fun.
  6. Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walter Simonson, vol. 2. I shouldn't begrudge Marvel for trying to make money, but this collection only contains 5 issues, and one of them is a fill-in that only contains a couple of pages by the guy whose name is on the cover, the guy whose reputation is the whole reason for this particular series of reprints.
  7. The Sandman Presents The Dead Boy Detectives in The Secret of Immortality by Ed Brubaker & Bryan Talbot. That's quite a mouthful of a title.
  8. The Foundation by John Rozum & Chee. Pretty good thriller. I've enjoyed Rozum's work in the past, and am glad to see him working in comics again.
  9. Showcase Presents Batman & the Outsiders, vol. 1 by Mike W. Barr & Jim Aparo. Not great, by any means, but entertaining enough. I love the "Showcase Presents" and "Essentials" series from DC & Marvel, respectively. Cheap comics reprints are always welcome.

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