Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Next Few Weeks

Here we go:
  1. Yotsuba &!, vol. 8 by Kiyohiko Azuma. More cuteness. (Checked out of the library.)
  2. Irredeemable, vol. 5 by Mark Waid & Peter Krause. (Library.)
  3. Showcase Presents: The Phantom Stranger, vol. 1 by various. The Doctor Thirteen back-ups included in this work better when the Phantom Stranger doesn't appear. Since Dr. Thirteen's whole premise is that he's a rationalist and ghost-breaker, he is undermined by the presence of a supernatural entity (even if Thirteen refuses to believe it). Some great art by Jim Aparo.
  4. Star Trek: Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor by John Byrne. (Library.)
  5. It Was the War of the Trenches by Jaques Tardi.

    WWI comics. Grim but good. (Library.)
  6. Vertigo Resurrected: Finals by Will Pfeifer & Jill Thompson. Satirical look at higher education.
  7. The Walking Dead, bk. 1 by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, & Charlie Adlard. I requested this from the library several months before the tv series began on AMC, but because the local system only has 3 copies, it took until several months after the season ended for my turn to arrive. (Library.)
  8. DMZ, vol. 9: M.I.A. by Brian Wood, Riccardo Burchielli, et al. The main character goes a long way toward redeeming himself in this volume.
  9. Yotsuba &!, vol. 9 by Kiyohiko Azuma.

    Simply adorable. (Library.)
  10. Goon, vol. 10: Death's Greedy Comeuppance by Eric Powell. (Library.)
  11. Angel: Immortality for Dummies by Bill Willingham & Brian Denham. Apparently at the end of the previous writer's run on the Angel comic, a reset button got pressed, which doesn't make me inclined to seek out the book collecting those issues. Hell, the only reason I got this one was that I enjoy Willingham's writing. (Library.)
  12. Naoki Uraswa's 20th Century Boys, vol. 13: Beginning of the End. "Beginning of the end", really? There are another 12 volumes to go. However, I am still enjoying this & will keep going for now.
  13. The Walking Dead, bk. 2 by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard. It took considerably less time (although it was still a while) to get the second volume. (Library.)
  14. The Downsized by Matt Howarth.

    Something unusual for Howarth, a slice of life comic. Excellent as his work always is. I am afraid I haven't been keeping up with his work since he moved primarily to self-distribution via his website. I really should rectify that, since he does some amazing SF comics.
  15. Finder: Voice by Carla Speed McNeil.

    I am so glad that McNeil found a publisher for her amazing series when self-publishing became no longer viable. I have raved about previous volumes here, so here is a link to a preview of a book that will be showing up on this blog sooner or later.
  16. Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome by Bill Willingham, Elena Casagrande, et al. (Library.)
  17. Air, vol. 4: A History of the Future by G. Willow Wilson & M.K. Perker. The final volume of this magical realist series. It ended before the creators had told all the stories they wanted to with these characters, but they were able to wrap things up in a satisfactory manner. I look forward to their next project.
  18. Farscape: Scorpius, vol. 2: Glorious Basterds by Rockne S O'Bannon, David Alan Mack, & Gordon Purcell. (Library.)
  19. The Complete Bad Company by Peter Milligan & Brett Ewins. British SF war comics from the 80s. Gets pretty trippy at times, but that's not unusual for Milligan's work.
  20. Superman Adventures, vol. 2: The Never-Ending Battle by Mark Millar, Aluir Amancio, et al. Comics based on the animated Superman series from the 90s. Much better than Millar's recent work. These were written before he stopped trying and/or developed contempt for his audience.
  21. Owly & Wormy-Friends All Aflutter! by Andy Runton. Wordless comics. (Borrowed from Teena's classroom.
  22. Essential Captain America, vol. 3 by various. Reading these Essential volumes has made me realized that Sal Buscema appears to have penciled every Marvel title in the 70s at one point or another and that Tom Palmer inked these same titles, just not at the same time.

And that brings me up to date. I might update tomorrow about a podcast or two, but no guarantees.

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