Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Can't forget movies.

Friday I stopped by the Hollywood Theater, figuring there'd be something I was interested in (the free admission I get as a volunteer also helped). I ended up watching the PISS Film Festival. (That's Portland International Short Short Film Festival, nothing to do with watersports.) None of the films were over 10 minutes in length. They ranged from okay (an animated film "25 Ways to Die" which was very derivative of Bill Plympton's work) to very good (a piece about clown bank robbers for BBC Scotland). Overall pretty good.

Saturday morning I finished the I, Claudius DVDs from the library, including the 60's (?) documentary about the 30's (?) movie version starring Charles Laughton & Merle Oberon that was abandoned when Oberon got into a car accident. Interviews with the director, Robert Graves, surviving cast members, etc. Very interesting. In the afternoon, I went back to the Hollywood & saw On Line, which was okay. It explored some of the issues with online journals & message boards but did it with something that would be a bit more visually interesting (i.e. video chat & sex). It was okay.

Sunday morning I watched a movie from Netflix, Slums of Beverly Hills.
I don't regret watching it, but I'm glad I didn't pay any more for it than I did.

Last night I watched the Adult Swim cartoons I'd taped Sunday night (specifically Big O, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which was a new episode, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Also watched the first episode of Alias season 1 (from Netflix).

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