Tuesday, December 02, 2003

  • Continuing a Thanksgiving tradition, my mother came to pick me up on Wednesday, and we saw a movie to give traffic a chance to die down. This year we saw A Night at the Opera Very silly, but what else can you expect from a Marx Brothers movie?
  • And I watched several videos while visiting my grandparents: Pecker A different kind of silliness. John Waters makes interesting movies.
  • Joe vs. the Volcano What may be Tom Hanks' most unusual movie. A lot of people hate this movie, but I like it a lot. You just have to remember that it's not taking place in the real world. It's more like a fairy tale.
  • The Thin Man Wonderful old movie. I'm definitely going to have to watch more of these movies. I wasn't so interested in the mystery, but the interaction between Myrna Loy and William Powell was simply marvelous.
  • And I've been watching the first season of The Awful Truth This is good, but it has dated. Michael Moore talks about what a bad job Clinton is doing. And while Clinton wasn't the best friend the working person ever had, he now looks positively wonderful by comparison.


  • Speaking of Michael Moore, I read Dude, Where's My Country? In comparison to other books I've read recently, Al Franken's was much funnier, and Molly Ivins' was better put together.
  • I've also read In Nomine Game Master's Guide In Nomine is a role playing game featuring angels & demons. I'm considering running a one-shot for some friends, so I decided I should finally read this. It was interesting, & gave me some ideas for what I want to do.
  • And I've been reading some graphic novels too. Nemesis the Warlock by Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neill, and Jesus Redondo
  • Yossel, April 19, 1943 by Joe Kubert. This is Kubert envisioning what his life might have been like if his family had not been able to emmigrate from Poland in 1926, shortly after he was born.
  • I'm currently reading Green Arrow: Quiver by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester. I enjoy Smith's movies, but for some reason his comic book writing doesn't do much for me.

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