Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Continuing with books read in November.
  • Even More Fund Comics by various. A benefit book for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
  • Crypto Zoo: The Collected Rare Bit Fiends, vol. 3 by Rick Veitch. Dream diaries in comic form.
  • Slaine by Ian Sturrock. This is a role-playing book, adapting the setting from the "Slaine" comics from 2000 AD.
  • Jack Staff, vol. 2: Soldiers by Paul Grist. A rather British take on superheroes. I really enjoy Grist's work.
  • The Archer Foundation by Scott Gearin & Patrick Kapera. Yet another role-playing book that will get sold to Powell's.
  • Mister X, The Definitive Collection, vol. 1 by Los Bros. Hernandez, Dean Motter, et al. A nicely designed collection of one of the best designed comics of the 80's. If only it weren't missing some pages; they just seem to have been left out when they put this reprint volume together. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised; this comic always was more about the look of things than about story.
  • Don't Call Me Stupid! by Steven Weissman. (Checked out of the library.)
  • Human Target, vol. 2: Living in Amerika by Peter Milligan & Cliff Chiang.
  • Expo 2001 by various. Another benefit for the CBLDF.
  • Hand of Glory by various. A sourcebook for the Shadowforce Archer setting for the Spycraft role-playing game.
  • Bluebeard by James Robinson & Phil Elliot.
  • Michael Chabon Presents The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist by various. In his novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, the title characters created The Escapist, & now there are actual comics featuring him. This book collects two issues of a quarterly comic. Unfortunately, this collection came out less than a month after the second issue. I found myself wondering why I was spending the money on the individual issues when there was such a short wait for the collection. So I stopped getting the quarterly. However, I also seem to have stopped buying the collections. The second collection has been out for several weeks, and I haven't picked it up yet.
  • On the Road to Perdition: Detour by Max Allan Collins & Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. This is the third of Collins' sequels to the graphic novel that became the Tom Hanks movie. (Technically they're not sequels, since they're set during the time that's covered in the first story.)
  • Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement by John Tynes. Probably the best novel I've read that uses a role-playing setting. DG does an excellent job of updating H.P. Lovecraft's stories to the modern day.
  • Wounded Man, vol. 1: The White Haired Demon by Kazuo Koike & Ryoichi Ikegami. Manga.
  • Y: The Last Man, vo. 4: Safeword by Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, & Doran Parlow. The latest collection of the comic about a world in which every male on the planet (except one) has died.
  • Edge by various.
  • Lords & Ladies by Terry Prachett. This is one of my favorite Discworld novels, probably because Pratchett gets faeries right in it.

That's enough for now. At this point I'm less than a month behind. Looks like I'll get caught up before the end of the year.

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