Sunday, August 01, 2010

More Books
  1. Chew, vol. 1: Taster's Choice by John Layman & Rob Guillory. This was pretty good, but I don't get all the praise I've seen for it online. (Checked out of the library.)

  2. Witchfinder, vol. 1: In the Service of Angels by Mike Mignola & Ben Stenbeck. Another Hellboy spin-off, this one set in Victorian times. As long as Mignola keeps writing these, I'll keep reading them.
  3. Agents of Atlas: Turf Wars by Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman, et al. A great updating of characters from the 50s. This comic deserves to sell a lot more than it does, and I will be sad when the latest version finishes with issue 5.
  4. One Model Nation by C. Allbriton Taylor, Jim Rugg, & Cary Porter. I would have enjoyed this more if I knew more about the Baader-Meinhoff gang and the German music scene in the 70s. (Library.)
  5. Agents of Atlas vs. X-Men & the Avengers by Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman, et al. I picked this up at a signing even at the shop where I get my comics, and Parker signed this for me. Plus, he drew an awesome sketch of Gorilla-Man for me.
  6. Spider-Man: Death and Dating by various. (Library.)
  7. Unknown Soldier vol. 1: Haunted House by Joshua Dysart & Alberto Ponticelli. Good but depressing comic about the situation in Uganda. (Library.)
  8. Star Drop by Mark Oakley. Oakley doesn't publish books very often, but when he does, they are worth the wait. This is a collection of a web comic about a galactic princess hiding on Earth. Sweet & fun.
  9. Showcase Presents: Dial H for Hero by Dave Wood & Jim Mooney. Entertaining but not-very-good comics about a teenager who has an alien artifact that transforms him into a different superhero every time he spells out H-E-R-O on the dial.

  10. Gotham Central, bk. 3: On the Freak Beat by Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, et al. Police procedural set in Gotham City. Great stuff. Glad it's getting reprinted in a nice format (that includes all the issues).

Just a couple of movies this week:
  • Special: Specioprin Hydrochloride (Rx) A man participates in a clinical trial for a new anti-depressant and begins to think he has super-powers. This is good (albeit depressing) up until the end. I just don't like the ending. Neither did Teena.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: Jack Frost Russo-Finnish production of a folk tale. It is somehow reassuring that other countries also produce terrible movies for children.

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