Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mostly, But Not Entirely, Library Books
  1. Superman: New Krypton, vol. 2 by various.

  2. Jack of Fables, vol. 7: The New Adventures of Jack & Jack by Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges, Russ Braun, et al. Decided I no longer needed to buy these series, but still interested in what happens. (Checked out of the library.)
  3. Superman: New Krypton, vol. 3 by James Robinson, Greg Rucka, & Pete Woods. (Library.)
  4. Thor, vol. 2 by J. Michael Straczynski, Olivier Coipel, & Marko Djurdjevic.

  5. Hellblazer: Pandemonium by Jamie Delano & Jock. Nice to see Delano working again on the character he defined. (Library.)
  6. House of Mystery, vol. 2: The Space Between by Matthew Sturges, Luca Rossi, Jose Marzan Jr., et al. This is interesting me less & less. I'm not sure I'll be checking out the next volume. (Library.)
  7. Punishermax: Kingpin by Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon. Following Garth Ennis's run on the Punisher has to be tough. But Aaron seems to be doing a fine job. (Library.)
  8. Megatokyo, vol. 6 by Fred Gallagher. I enjoy this, but find it frustrating. Gallagher acknowledges that it has been three years since the last volume was published, but the book doesn't contain a character list or a plot summary. I think he thinks everybody reading the book is a huge fan & follows his web-comic closely enough that he doesn't need anything like that. That's a bad assumption. (Library.)

  9. Stephen King's The Stand: Soul Survivors by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Mike Perkins. The adaptation continues. (Borrowed from Teena.)
  10. Incorruptible, vol. 1 by Mark Waid & Jean Diaz. The flip side of Waid's Irredeemable. In the latter, the world's mightiest superhero snaps and goes on a rampage. In this, one of said superhero's enemies goes straight. (Library.)
  11. The Trials of Roderick Spode "The Human Ant" by David Mamet. Odd little doodles & not much of a story. (Library.)

Just one movie this week:
Millennium Actress I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I have owned this DVD since before Teena & I moved in together, but it took the death of the director, Satoshi Kon, to get me to watch this beautiful, touching movie. I agree with Teena's assessment of the movie and just want to add that I don't think this could have been done live action. The transitions between movies, flashbacks, and reality are seamless. With live-action, they would have been jarring. R.I.P. Satoshi Kon.

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