Monday, January 17, 2011

First Movies of 2011

  • Fantastic Mr. FoxCute stop-motion animation. Definitely a Wes Anderson film.
  • Toy Story 3Finally saw this. Wow. This may be my favorite of the series. Very moving.
  • Doctor Who: The Caves of AndrozaniPeter Davison's final story as the Doctor. Very dark.
  • Doctor Who: Spearhead from SpaceJon Pertwee's first story as the Doctor. A good introduction to the character. And, this is the first thing we watched on Netflix Watch Instantly, which we recently signed up for. We've been really enjoyed WI so far and will be keeping it for a while.
  • Dragon Wars - D-WarWe watched this with the Rifftrax commentary, which is the only reason the movie was bearable. This is an Ed Wood level bad movie. No attempt at continuity. Many plot-holes. Characters who are never introduced. Terrible, terrible movie.

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