Sunday, January 08, 2012

Disney, part 2

I'm in the middle of reading A Clash of Kings, so there's not much in the way of books this week, so on to Disneyland.

We arrived shortly before the park opened. Disney does something very clever: they start admitting people into the park a bit early, but they can't go any further than Main Street, USA. This helps prevent huge ticket lines. But people do build up inside the park. See?:

Sorry the image is pretty dark, but it was before 8am on the winter solstice.

We went straight to Tomorrowland.

There, we went on Star Tours, which is very popular. Fortunately, by going there so early, there was hardly any wait. (Early in the day we had very good luck when it came to lines. Later in the day, using FastPass was a great help.)

After that, we headed over to the Indiana Jones Adventure. Again, we just walked through the waiting are. Actually, we walked and walked and walked through the waiting area. They have allocated a lot of space to the wait for this ride. Fortunately, Disney knows how to make that wait interesting.

Lots of things to look at. Plenty to keep your interest. The ride itself was a blast. I'm sorry we missed it the previous time we were at Disneyland.

The other rides we went on were (in no particular order)Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Enchanted Tiki Room (when we needed to sit down for a while), and Pirates of the Caribbean. There is some weird recursion going on with the last ride: it wasn't based on any particular movie (although Disney's version of Treasure Island has to have been an influence), then it was the basis for a movie series, and now the ride has been altered to more closely resemble the movies.

The food on this day wasn't quite as good as it had been in California Adventure, but it was still fine (if rather overpriced). And it was fun:

By the end of the day, we were completely exhausted. It was a fabulous couple of days, and I want to go back already.

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