Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Finally finished Bushwhacked yesterday. Also read The Authority, bk. 1: Relentless by Warren Ellis & Bryan Hitch. What if superheroes decided to police the world? Pretty good, but still a little too mainstream-superhero-ish for me. (Not that I don't enjoy good mainstream superheroes, but if you're going to stretch the boundaries, why not go all the way?) I like Ellis's work, but nothing except Transmetropolitan really clicks for me; it's as if it's almost, but not quite, where it should be. This morning I started New X-Men, v.2 written by Grant Morrison & illustrated by various artists. When I stopped reading "The Uncanny X-Men" back around 1988-89, I didn't think anything would bring me back to the comic. I was wrong. Morrison is one of my favorite comic writers. I love his take on the X-Men, which odder than his run on "Justice League" but not as odd as things like "Doom Patrol" and "The Invisibles," which I think is appropriate.

Last night I watched What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Man, Bette Davis was creepy in that movie. And I purchased Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. Looking forward to watching that, but I may save it for the Suspects TV nights & when we finish watching Sports Night.

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