Monday, November 17, 2003

Movies, TV, etc.
So on Friday, Teena & I went over to Harmony & Topher's place to watch more Sports Night. We got through 8 episodes this time. I adore this show, and I especially like Joshua Malina's character, Jeremy. But then I sort of identify with him. Of course, my nerd energy is directed in more traditionally geeky pursuits (comic books, science fiction & fantasty, etc.) instead of sports, and I'm definitely not as witty a conversationalist as he is. But he's a character in an Aaron Sorkin tv show, so there's no shame in that. (One of the complaints I've heard about Sports Night and The West Wing is that "people don't really talk like that." To which my response is: "No. But wouldn't it be great if they did?") We'll be watching more episodes as soon as possible. Unfortunately I don't think that will be until December.

I tried to watch Pret a Porter/Ready to Wear last night. However, the tape I checked out of the library wasn't in the best of condition. Towards the end of the movie, the tape started sticking. Finally it just stopped entirely (and got stuck in my VCR for a while), so I don't know what happens after the La Fontaine "show." Of course, it's not like there was a plot to follow, but I would like to know what happens to the characters.

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