Monday, November 10, 2003

Okay, when I said I'd finish up Bushwhacked over the weekend, I clearly had forgotten that I would be going to the comic book store & pick up stuff from the past 2 weeks. Purchases from there, books I'd ordered through work, and other library books made up my reading over the weekend.
  • Blueprint for Disaster by Darby Conley. This is the latest Get Fuzzy collection. Wonderful stuff.
  • I Want to Be the Kitty by Patrick McDonnell. The latest Mutts collection. More comic strip goodness.
  • Moby Dick adapted by Will Eisner. Eisner is the grandmaster of comics, but his last few projects haven't done much for me. Probably because they're aimed at children.
  • 100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso. Crime comics. I like this, but not enough to buy it. Which is why I check it out of the library.
  • Sigil, v. 3: The Lizard God by Mark Waid & Scot Eaton. Science fiction comics. Eh.

Watched a few things over the weekend.

  • Devil's Playground, a documentary about Amish youth and rumspringa, the period of time after their 16th birthday when they are released from the rules of Amish society so they can make an informed decision about whether they want to join the church. Fascinating stuff.
  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, a film by Pedro Almodovar. At first I didn't much care for this, but I warmed up to it by the end.
  • Gattaca. Finally saw this movie. There were parts of it that stretched my willingness to suspend disbelief, but generally I quite liked it.

Also, watched some TV: 4 epsiodes from the 1st season of Alias. Man this show moves fast. Also finished watching the 1st season of Sex & the City. Ultimately I liked it more than I did at first, but there were enough episodes I absolutely hated that I won't bother watching any more of this show.

And I actually went to a theater to see a movie: The Matrix Revolutions. A lot of people hate this movie. I liked it fine, but then I didn't expect all that much going in. Sometimes diminished expectations are a good thing.


xire said...

have you read anymore 100 bullets?

Philip said...

I could have sworn I've read more than one volume, but this is the only entry where the title turns up. I seem to recall reading things out of sequence, so my guess is that I read volume 2 and/or 3 before I started this blog.

My recollection of what I read is that the series is full of machismo. Not as testosterone-laden as 300, but up there.