Friday, April 30, 2004

Well, that was interesting.

Today I went to a training school & listened to their pitch as to why I should get training from them. It was almost cult-like. The questions in the little interview they give are designed to absolutely demolish any confidence you might have in yourself or your abilities. I realized what the interviewer was doing almost immediately, but it was still very disturbing & rather disheartening. After they try to destroy your faith in yourself, they tell you about how much better things will be if only you sign up for their classes.

She did raise some good points, and I do need to do some thinking about where I'm going. But if I do decide on getting training, it definitely won't be with them & their pressure tactics.

In better news, I received my first Amazon gift certificate from the associates program today. (That's why I've got all those links for the books & DVDs, each purchase made from following one of those links [even if it's not the linked item] gets me a credit at Amazon. When enough credits accumulate, they send me a gift certificate.) $9.22! Yee-Hah! I'm living large now.

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