Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm off a roll. Life got in the way of updating. And even now I'm not posting books I've read recently.

Yesterday Fanboy Rampage had a thread about "desert island comics." I didn't post my list of 5 comics there, but I am posting it here. In no particular order:

  • Tales of the Beanworld by Larry Marder. Such a wonderfully strange & thought-provoking series. Unfortunately out of print.
  • Promethea by Alan Moore & J.H. Williams III. Beautiful artwork, wonderful stories, and a primer on magic, all rolled into one.
  • The Sandman by Neil Gaiman et al. I don't need to explain this choice, do I?
  • The first half of Cerebus by Dave Sim & Gerhard. Sim is an amazing storyteller (and no other letterer can convey the nuances of speech as well as he can). It's too bad he went nuts.
  • Palomar by Gilbert Hernandez. I cannot tell you how touching these stories are.

So that's my list.

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