Monday, August 22, 2005

It's been nearly two months since Teena & I moved in together. I thought I'd update more frequently once I had regular internet access, but that doesn't seem to have worked out. If I can get caught up, maybe I'll be able to stay on top of things with smaller but more frequent posts.

  1. Superman vs. the Flash by various. This reprint volume collects all the comics depicting races between Superman and the Flash (all three of the latter). I found it iteresting that in every case where there was an unambiguous winner, the Flash won. There's got to be some benefit to specializing. (Checked out of the library.)
  2. Narbonic, vol. 2 by Shaenon K. Garrity. Teena & I both enjoyed the first volume so much that we promptly ordered the second one. Highly recommended. Go to Garrity's website, check out the available strips, & order yourself a copy.
  3. Megatokyo, vol. 1 by Fred Gallagher w/Rodney Caston. I had heard the name of this online comic a few places, so I decided to give this collection of strips a try. I enjoyed it, but the major impression it gave me is that it was written by & for American people who are way too interested in Japanese culture. You know the type: white guys who know the minutest detail about any manga or anime series you care to name. (I know. To some people, I am that guy. But believe me, there are people out there whose interest in all things Japanese puts mine to shame.)
  4. One Piece, vol. 7: The Crap-Geezer by Eiichiro Oda. Yes, I've undercut my argument by listing a manga volume immedately after the last book, but at least it's in English. The guys I'm talking about learn Japanese so they can have the unfiltered experience.
  5. Sandman Mystery Theatre, vol. 3: The Vamp by Matt Wagner, Steven T. Seagle, & Guy Davis. I had forgotten how good this series was, and I'm glad for these reprints to remind me. The relationship between Wesley & Diane is a wonderful thing to watch develop. I hope this has sold enough that they continue with the reprints.
  6. Bleach, vol. 5: Right Arm of the Giant by Tite Kubo. I'm really enjoying this series. Enough so, that I'm considering buying them. (Now if only I could find them on Amazon.) (Library.)
  7. Bleach, vol. 6: The Death Trilogy Overture by Tite Kubo. (Library.)
  8. Walking Dead, vol 2: Miles Behind Us by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard. A damn good zombie story. (Library.)
  9. Walking Dead, vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard. (Library.)
  10. Don Martin's Droll Book. If you're a fan of the man who was once billed as "Mad's Maddest Artist" you don't need me to explain this. If you're not, nothing I could say would convince you.
  11. Star Wars Clone Wars, vol. 6: On the Fields of Battle by John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, et al. This volume wasn't entirely written by Ostrander, but enough of it was that I felt it was worthwhile to pick it up. I'm sure I'm in a miniscule minority of people buying Star Wars comics in that whether or not I pick up an issue or graphic novel depends entirely on who the creators are, so my hope for books entirely by Ostrander will probably go unfulfilled.

(Edited to fix the time frame. It's been more than two weeks since Teena & I moved in together.)
(Edited again to fix the count numbers.)

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