Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I stayed home sick from work yesterday & watched a couple movies: Identity, which I enjoyed right up until I figured out the big secret (about 5 minutes before it was revealed), then I became unwilling to cut the movie any slack, and it fell apart for me. I also watched Monsoon Wedding which I enjoyed a lot more. Certain aspects of it reminded me of my family in Mexico, but those were more about one culture dealing with the influence of a more "modern" culture than about any actual similarities.

Oops, nearly forgot: I also watched Rex the Runt, claymation shorts from Aardman Studios, the Wallace & Grommit people. Silly stuff. Lots of fun.

And I read Black Candy by Matt Madden. I didn't much care for it. It, like a lot of other "alternative" comics, doesn't really have a story. Some stuff happens, then it just ends. This was better than some, in that the art was good and there was something of a plot, but there were also a lot of details that just didn't go anywhere. What was the point of the whole thing? I don't know.

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