Friday, October 24, 2003

The other morning I had a kind of strange moment while reading Fugitives & Refugees. In one of the "postcard from xxxx" sections, Palahniuk talks about being part of a "Santa Rampage." People from Cacophony Societies all around the country gathered in Portland & dressed in Santa suits. They were going to go to Lloyd Center, encircle the ice rink, & summon the spirit of Tonya Harding (never mind that she's still alive). Anyway, the police were there to stop them ("A thin blue line versus a fat red line.") The confrontation took place in the park across the street from Lloyd Center. About a minute after I read that, I was walking across that same park as part of my morning commute.

Finished F&R yesterday and started Monstrous Regiment. Still not very far into it yet, but I'm enjoying it. Not surprising, though. It's a Discworld book. Pratchett is very consistent. I do think he needs to stop relying on using either Commander Vimes or Granny Weatherwax in every book, but it looks like Vimes isn't the primary character this time, so that's good.

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