Friday, March 05, 2004

There have been a few movies & DVDs recently.

  • Last week some friends & I got together & watched The Four Corners of Nowhere(?), a "Gen-X"y film that got better than it started.
  • The Ben Stiller Show Great sketch comedy from the early 90's. One of many shows that Fox cancelled too soon.
  • The Station Agent This movie has been playing at The Hollywood Theatre for two months, and I finally got around to seeing it. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't great.
  • Beany & Cecil Cartoons & puppets from Bob Clampett after he left Warner Brothers.
  • The Addams Family. Damn Christina Ricci & Mercedes McNab (who has a small role as a girl scout) are young in this.

And of course, there are

  • Star Trek: New Frontier: Stone & Anvil by Peter David. Yes, I read Star Trek novels, but only those by Peter David, a writer I discovered from comic books. (Okay, some people may find one just as damning as the other.)
  • Starman, vol. 1: Sins of the Father by James Robinson & Tony Harris. No relation at all to the movie. Robinson's Starman is one of the best superhero series I've ever read. It brings up the notion of heroism in a way that no other comic I know of has. It also shows a complex relationship between Jack Knight, the main character, and his father, the first Starman. And it is a loving depiction of a city that doesn't exist (but should). After the car accident, I felt the need for something familiar & comforting. I've read these comics several times before, and they fit the bill. Great stuff. I really hope DC finishes collecting the series in book form. By my count, there are 2 or 3 volumes to go.
  • Starman, vol. 2: Night & Day by James Robinson & Tony Harris.
  • Starman, vol. 3: A Wicked Inclination... by James Robinson, Tony Harris, et al.
  • PvP: The Dork Ages by Scott Kurtz.
  • Al Capp's Li'l Abner The Frazetta Years, vol. 2: 1956-1957.

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